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Retreat House Narbuli is the unique and the only archetypal retreat house in Eastern Europe. This is a place for powerful energization and transformation of individuals and teams.

Each room of the retreat house is archetypal and generates the energy of a certain Archetype by its special environment. The Jester Room, the Loving Room, the King Room, the Warrior Room, the Child Room — we will help you choose the archetypal room that is right for you, at this particular moment of your life.
About us
Retreat House Narbuli is a modern spacious cottage, which is located in the most unique village in Latvia — Amatciems, 80 km from Riga — the capital of Latvia.

There are no fences here and very few street lamps, the houses are quite far from each other having their own «intimate» space, hidden from others by picturesque hills and trees. Nature literally embraces you here — roe deer, deer and foxes often come to the House. And, most importantly, it is very quiet here.

Around the House, which has its own access to the water, you will find many walking trails and places for your retreat. No matter what inner intention you come with, the space itself conforms to you and helps you achieve these goals.
In such a mind-blowing, relaxing ambience, we offer our uniquely designed transformational programs hosted by trusted and mindful masters to help you discover your new «inner spaces».

We have 9 archetypal rooms in the Retreat House Narbuli: the Jester Room, the Loving Room, the King Room, the Warrior Room, the Inner Child Room, the Light Room, the Shadow Room, the Inner Child «Boy» Room, the Magician Room.

Two Rooms can accommodate two people, the rest are individual. When there is a private retreat, no more than 2 guests live in the House, each having their own floor with a kitchen and individual entrance. Everything is designed so that no one can interrupt your privacy.
Retreats and other services
Private retreat
A private retreat is a healing privacy in silence that fulfills the lacking archetypal energy. Each adult busy person needs pauses when they can take a break from the daily routine and everyday problems. By enjoying a simple, solitary life in the comfortable House and the environment, you can get a truly healing rest and fill your energy to be able to regain your inner strength, harmony, connection with your Higher Self and reflect on your life.

The soul, like the body, periodically needs a detox. In our House, you can not only clear your inner self, but also get filled with the archetypal energy that you need at this stage of life for this, we recommend choosing an appropriate room and staying there for 3 to 14 days. Our experts will support you on along your stay.

Price — from 360 €

Group retreats
First of all, a retreat means solitude and escape from your regular environment, network, lifestyle to dive into a deep contact with yourself.

Our retreats are mostly often dedicated to a specific practice or topic. We offer non-religious retreats, the main purpose of which is to enable a busy and active person to stop, get away from ordinary worries, get out of the usual rhythm of life and solve important strategic life challenges. Retreats are conducted by our advanced practitioners who are experts in psychology, spiritual development, health systems.
Rent for groups
What if you represent a small group and are looking for a place where you can practice, think and search for solutions in peace and comfort? Our House is perfect for thematic or corporate retreats in small groups. At your service we have a spacious 48m² practice room with underfloor heating and good ventilation. High-speed Internet, panoramic windows, access to a covered terrace the same size as the practice room — all this will enable you and your group to practice as comfortably and efficiently as possible. In total the House can accommodate 11 people 7 people in single rooms and 4 in double rooms. Our chef can cook for you considering your wishes, and you can also cook on your own for this we have a well-equipped modern kitchen with everything you may need.

Price — from 2 400 €
Group retreats
January 7-10, 2023
Shadow Integration Retreat (4 days) — 3 800 €

An exclusive integral retreat for a limited number of participants with a unique approach. This retreat is for those who:

  • want to expand significantly their capabilities and take a considerable and decisive step towards their authentic selves.

  • have ambitious goals and at the same time strive for the high quality life.

  • are ready to spend 4 days intensively experiencing deep emotions, look deep inside sincerely and honestly, meet with forgotten, repressed aspects and transform them into energy for development.

May 1-9, 2023

Quiet Retreat «In silence» (4 days)

4 days of silence and meditation to find answers to questions that are important to you.

  • Full immersion in your inner world with the guidance of experienced masters.

  • In nature, in silence, without the usual hustle and bustle of business and communication, you will release your attention for truly important life issues.

  • Gradual transformation will flow, and you will start experiencing your true emotions, discovering new inner dimensions and resources.
Archetype rooms

The Retreat House Narbuli is unique because of its archetypal rooms, specially designed for the psychological and spiritual inner work of our guests. We have 9 archetypal rooms: the Jester Room, the Loving Room, the King Room, the Warrior Room, the Inner Child Room, the Light Room, the Shadow Room, the Inner Child «Boy» Room, and the Magician Room.

The house is being renovated and will open in September 2022.

Learn more about the House
There is a practice room of ≈ 49.5 m² in the House for classes and retreats.

When the weather is not so nice, you can relax or work out on the large covered terrace.

The House has a sauna, as well as bathrooms and there are showers in 8 rooms. The Magician Room, the King Room and the Warrior Room have access to the balconies. You can dine in the dining room, which also has access to the balcony.

You can cook in one of two well equipped kitchens. Catering is provided if necessary.

Near the House there is a small pond with fish and also an access to a large lake where you can swim, boat and fish.
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Contacts and location
Narbuļi, Amatciems, Drabešu pagasts, Amatas novads, LV-4101
How to find us
GPS: 57.225185, 25.303144